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Our mobiles entertain, stimulate development and soothe restless babies. We offer creative, colorful and lovable designs in a wonderful gift box. And new for this year is our Sea Creatures, Princess and Race Car Mobiles. Great values, great fun from SFD Note: All mobiles by Small Fry Design come packaged with a traditional post and knob attachment system. All Mobiles are also compatible with the JL Childress Mobile Attachment Clip. These Mobile Clips become an alternative to the post and knob system if: 1. You want to attach your mobile to a pack and play / play yard 2. Your crib (like some models of the Baby's Dream line) does not accept the post and knob system 3. You are concerned about damaging your crib with a post and knob system 4. You want a mobile that is more portable 5. You are looking for replacement parts.

Price: $21.95
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Manufactured by Small Fry Design

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