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Baby and Toddler home > Sitemap > Taking a Hot Bath while Pregnant

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Taking a Hot Bath while Pregnant

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Taking a Hot Bath while Pregnant

Taking a Hot Bath while Pregnant A big awkward tummy, aching bones and joints, swollen ankles … it’s hard to get comfortable when you are expecting! It seems unfair to think that, on top of all the aches and pains, you can’t even take a hot bath. Many people believe that pregnant women should avoid hot baths because of the potential harm they can cause to an unborn child.

While it is true that hot water can cause problems in a pregnancy, there is nothing wrong with taking a warm bath. It can help to relax your aching muscles and rest your tired, swollen feet. A warm bath is a welcome treat for any weary mom or mom-to-be. Once your water breaks you should not take a bath of any kind. Before that point, you can enjoy as much bathing as you would like, as long as the water temperatures do not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Some would call 100 degrees a hot bath! So kick your feet up, lay back and relax … you deserve it!





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